Automotive Dept. offers career training opportunity

Jeremy Mulford-Digital Editor in Chief


The Automotive Department is now offering Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) student certificate programs at MiraCosta. The first started Jan 31, 2016 and ended May 2016. The next certificate program will start  August 2016, through May 2017. Automotive technology students now have the opportunity to obtain certification through MCC. 

 According to Arnaldo Williams Automotive Technology faculty member, today’s automotive industry is changing. Technicians have to possess a skillset that was not required in the past. Newer vehicles with sophisticated computer components or hybrids make it necessary for techs to receive as much training as possible as they face competition for employment. Those who have training in the field and the ASE certification have the best occupational prospects. “ASE Student Certification can be thought of as the first step in building a career as a service professional in the automotive industry. Whether making the completion of career-entry studies in automotive technology, these tests can provide the student with their first industry-recognized certification through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence,”said Williams.

 The first group of students took the ASE tests on Saturday May 14. Noe Barragan is currently working in the automotive field and is taking classes to sharpen his skills while preparing for further ASE training.“I think it’s great that a community college has the ASE for the students, whether they use it or not in the real world it helps them with anything they may do at home to broaden their knowledge,” said Stuart Spain who works at Camp Pendleton as an aviation mechanic. He hopes to work as a Mechanical Engineer after his service in the Marines. “I think it’s a great idea, to offer the test to students. For me being a father of five and still being in school at least I will have the opportunity to get into the field now knowing I have a couple [of] certificates,” said Mike Montinez. Omer Saar  is an international student who chose MiraCosta College because of the automotive programs offered. He works at an auto dealership and is happy to have the chance to take his skills to a higher level.

 A single $30 fee per student, per academic year, allows the student to test twice each year; once in the fall and once in the spring.