Being a professor is all pie in the eye Students and faculty rally for Mental Health Day

Jeremy Mulford-72997d_a3ddd4d2df4843eca298a112eab2309b-mv2Digital Editor in Chief

Finals week and you have had it! You want to just haul off and throw a pie right at your professor.Well some students got to do just that Thursday in Fountain Plaza. College Hour this week was held in honor of Mental Health Awareness Day, and students and faculty got to blow off some steam with a “pie your professor in the eye” booth. Some students really put their all into it. The month of May is Mental Health Month and colleges across the country are taking part in an endeavor to shed some light on this issue. Programs like: Each Mind Matters, Suicide Is Preventable, and the Student Mental Health Program have been leading this month long. Health Services the Scholarship Program and NAMI National Alliance of Mental Illness.

 In a turn of events, administration took some pie in the face. Students had the chance to give back to Dr. Robertson with an endless barrage of whip cream to the face. Dean Wojcik and Director of Student Services Jim Gonzales, all pitched in and took one for the team. “We say we will do anything for the student, so if it de-stresses them then I say, hey go for it,” said Dean Wojcik. These are good programs to look into if you know a friend or family member who shows signs of depression, talks about hurting themselves or displays suicidal actions, you could be the difference that that makes that person seek help.

 College Hour was a great way to close out the semester, and for “Well, I guess I guess I finally know where I stand with the students,” said Gonzales after taking about three cans of Ready Whip to the face. It was nice to see the student’s blow some of the finals week steam off on our administrators.