Long time MiraCostan gets new job

June 30, 2016-ANGEL JIMENEZ Print Editor In Chief

Dr. Alketa Wojcik begins her tenure as the Vice President of Student Services tomorrow July 1. Wojcik will oversee Admissions, Counseling, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, Financial Aid, Health Services, Veterans Services, GEARUP and Student Activities. Wojcik replaces Dr. Richard Robertson who retired June 30.  The college conducted a nationwide search before hiring Wojcik.
Wojcik was born and raised in Albania. She was selected for a scholarship through the Making a Difference program. Despite her father’s concerns, she remained determined to go. Ten days after graduating from high school, Wojcik enrolled in classes at MiraCosta College.


 As a student, Wojcik participated in the college’s student activities.  In 1995 Wojcik was selected to become a Student Ambassador. Wojcik established the International Club, became involved in the Associated Student Government and the Inter Club Council. The college began to feel like home.

 Wojcik transferred to California State University San Marcos to earn a B.A. in business. However, she discovered business was not her passion and MiraCosta College was where she belonged. In 1999, during her last semester at CSUSM, she applied for the position of Student Services Coordinator at MCC. Her motivation resulted from the understanding of what international students experience in a new country.

 In 2005, Wojcik became the Associate Dean of Student Services at the San Elijo campus. She later moved into the position of Dean at the MCC Community Learning Center. At the CLC she developed an appreciation for education that offered a second chance. After serving in administrative positions at all three campuses, Wojcik observed that each revealed its own unique culture.

 Wojcik’s history with the college has given her a broader overview of what it functions should look like.  “How do we provide service for our students by looking at our business practices? Are we doing it for our students because it’s best for our students? Or are we doing it because that’s the way it’s always been done?” she said. She intends to focus on building a strong collaboration while working closely with Instruction. “When we have students that are engaged they’re more successful” said Wojcik.

 “She’s proactive and I really like that,” said Allison Rafferty, former Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Associated Student Government