MCC PD serving students with a smile

JOYCE DAVID Social Media Editor

 MiraCosta College can be a beautiful campus during the day but a terrifying at night. The sun goes down and everyone goes home. The campus becomes dark and completely empty. There’s no one else in sight. If you’re a student who takes classes at night, you may know the intense feeling the campus gives off once you leave your class. It’s horrifying, the silence that surrounds you, the beating of your heart getting louder as you walk back to your car in the dark, thinking someone may be following. But students shouldn’t be afraid of being on campus. That’s when our police department comes in. They help whenever there is trouble.

The Campus Police offer a wide variety of services to students on all campuses. From escort service to vehicle lockout services, our police will be there before you know it. When a student is in trouble, they can dial 911 or 6911 from the campus phone or use the closest emergency call box. Once the police hear their emergency line ringing they answer right away. They know where students are located when they use the emergency call boxes. Once a student is located they are off to the rescue as quick as possible. “We really want to protect the students. Students personal safety is our priority,” said Chief Norcross.

 Arrests records show 70 percent of arrests are non-student incidents. When students have a restraining they should report this to campus police as soon as possible. When our officers have this information, they can help to ensure that students safety. Campus police take all measures to provide us a safe learning environment.

 To contact campus police. Call 760-757-2121 ext. 6640 or go to their website