Political Conventions: is there a purpose or is it just a bunch of balloons?

July 26, 2016-ANGEL JIMENEZ Print Editor in Chief


The RNC and DNC are three ring circus events that are no longer needed. Still, it is the hottest ticket in town. The headliner is a name known worldwide. Attendees who got their tickets months in advance will adorn coveted credentials for admission. The venue for the event will take place inside of a sports arena. The event that will assemble thousands of people will be for the Republican and Democratic Conventions.

If the electoral process has you feeling disappointed that you can’t attend the conventions then don’t. By checking a box on your federal income tax forms titled, Presidential Election Campaign Fund, you contribute $3.00 to the cost of the convention.  Your taxpayer subsidies total approximately $18 million dollars. Each political convention costs an estimated $60 million dollars with funding supported by private contributions from corporations and unions.

The conventions will span over four days and on the last day the presumptive nominee will accept an official nomination. The finale of the convention will feature approximately 200,000 red, white and blue balloons that will fall from the arena ceiling onto the floor.

As voting citizens you’ve already contributed to choosing the presumptive nominee for each party during the primary elections earlier this year. It seems like a lot of money for a big production to nominate a presidential candidate for each respective party. Between production costs and facility construction that can rival a concert or Broadway play, it’s time to say that there is not a demanding need for a political convention.