Staying safe and hydrated during summer partying

Joyce David  Social Media Editor


Summer is the season for surfers to ride those waves and beachgoers to soak up the sun. It’s also the season for college students to attend EDM festivals. An EDM festival is an outdoor music event that consists of loud electronic dance music, DJs, strobe lights, neon-colored glow-in-the-dark accessories, stage smoke, and seemingly half-naked attendees.

Most people who attend these events claim that they have the time of their life as they listen to music they love, create memories with friends, and party the night away. But are these people aware of the potential dangers of EDM festivals. Many deaths occur at EDM festivals every year due to a consumption of drugs under high temperatures. The most popular drug taken at the festivals would be ecstasy.  On June 23, a 20-year-old MiraCosta student from Vista passed away at an EDM festival called the Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas due to a consumption of ecstasy, heat stroke, and dehydration. One month later, a 21-year-old SDSU student from Chula Vista passed away at the Hard Summer Music Festival in Fontana due to unknown circumstances.

 Safety should be the main priority for attendees at an outdoor music event and clearly, EDM festivals don’t put safety as a priority.  Serious issues such as drug consumption and high temperatures at an EDM event should be taken under consideration. Unfortunately, the organizers of the festivals fail to prevent these issues as deaths at their events continue to happen every year. They should be aware of these issues in order to make their events a safe environment for their guests. Without their concern, an EDM Festival could be a death trap for innocent people instead of the celebration they were expecting it to be.

 So a few words of advice Spartans, EDM festivals are dangerous. If you’re going to attend an EDM Festival, always remember to stay safe, stay hydrated, and stay close with your friends. We have already lost one of our own and we would hate to lose another. So in the summer heat stay safe and have fun.

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