Cutting prices on summer fun

July 28, 2016-TIFFANY LARRAZBAL Copy Editor


A summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without a thrill-packed day of adrenaline pumping roller coasters and your favorite television characters. However, visiting amusement parks these days can seem out of reach due to overpriced tickets. Whether it’s quality time spent with the family or another friends summer activity to check-off the list, you have one thing in mind. Saving money. Here are a few ways you can get more bang for your buck.

 While grocery shopping. Many grocery stores offer discounted tickets to several amusement parks and attractions at the customer service counter. Costco in particular offers package deals to some of the most popular destinations. You can compare some prices while picking up those wholesale gallons of milk.

 What’s for lunch today. Discover some rad savings while picking up lunch. During the spring and summer seasons, many fast-food restaurants have promotions that include discounts to amusement parks.

 Hotels often have coupons or sell theme park tickets at a discounted price. If you’re staying at a hotel near your theme park destination, be sure to ask the front desk for any sweet deals.

 Are you an auto club member? Who knew there were perks to paying car insurance. Places like AAA offer their members great deals

 Gratitude for our men and women in uniform. Amusement parks offer military discounts and sometimes even free admission for active-duty military (restrictions apply.) Bring along your military ID for a well-deserved discount.

Sometimes the best deal comes from signing up for a one-year pass to your favorite amusement park. This option includes discounts for special events, food, and even a monthly payment plan which makes places like Disneyland possible to visit all year long.

Don’t let ridiculous amusement park ticket prices keep you from all the summer fun. You’ll find that your salted pretzel tastes better, and losing your voice on a roller coaster was well worth the fun when you didn’t break the bank.            

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