Endowment gives GSA second scholarship

September 21, 2016-JEREMY MULFORD Digital Editor in Chief


On Monday, the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) was awarded a $16,500 endowment at 11:15 a.m. between the library and the Southwest corner of the administrations building.

 This endowment will fund a new scholarship giving the LTGBQ+ community two focussed  scholarships. The donation was courtesy of Joe Maak’s, Pride Resource Foundation LLC. Administration members, President Dr. Sunita B. Cooke, and Elaine Dodge, Associate Director of the Development and College Foundation, were present with GSA President Vanessa Reynolds, GSA, secretary Kay Brenner, and Abe Camiro, ICC rep.

 “Joe Maak’s foundation donated $16,500 and is being matched by the MiraCosta College Foundation with an $8,500 donation. MCC will match one dollar for every two that Maak’s foundation donates. The donations’ total will generate a $25,000 dollar endowed scholarship, and in turn that endowed scholarship will generate $1,000 in interest annually. The money  will be awarded to the recipients in a one-time $1,000 scholarship, or over the course of two semesters as two $500 scholarships. In addition, Maak’s foundation is awarding another $1,000 dollars, as it will take approximately a year for the foundation to generate $1,000 in interest and Maak’s goal is to award the scholarship in May of 2017.” said Dodge about the funding structure of the scholarship. The Scholarship will go to students in the LTGBQ+ community here on campus.  


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