Spartans Women’s Volleyball Rocks the Court

Jeremy Mulford Digital Editor in Chief

MCC Women’s Volleyball battled Mt., San Jacinto, Friday, Oct. 7, giving the girls another 3-0 Spartan victory. The game was a nail-biter with extremely close scoring sets, but the Spartan war cries from the team belly down, beating the floor of the court pulled MCC through for another victory. The air was thick with tension on Spirit Night, but morale was high. In the second set, there was a moment the score held at 24-24 that seemed to last a lifetime for people in the stands. But these girls’ are killers on the court and brought home another win.   

Mt. San Jacinto        21     24     13     0

MiraCosta            25     26     25     3

Led by Coach Kristen Wright, MCC is ranked seventh in the 2016 California Community College Women’s Volleyball Coaches Association (CCCWVCA) State Women’s Volleyball Top 25, and you can see why when they play. These girls play hard. Just watching a practice is a brutal experience. This season they have spent two hours each day five days a week in the MCC gym and on the weekends are out crushing the competition.

This team is in sync because of the hours spent together on the court. “I think that we have a certain level of chemistry that other teams don’t. We spend so much time together in and out of the court that we have developed a family atmosphere rather than just a team atmosphere and that plays into our physical game on the court. It helps because we are not just on the court to get the win we are out there for each other,” said number six outside hitter, Katie Francis.72997d_60ec3f4e815440239daed04ab717a6f3-mv2_d_2100_1500_s_2

The athletic level of the team is right at the level where the players could be recruited by the NCAA Division 1 institutions and possibly go pro, but cool heads prevail when it comes to education. “Going pro is always the dream but as far as the next level a four year is obviously next, my goal is to get to a D-1. Our coaches help a great amount to get us to a four year,” said number 10 middle blocker, Roni Long, about future plans.

The show of physicality watching them at work is something to behold. Recruiters are bound to be pounding down the door. “Right now we are in the middle of the recruiting process so we really got to think about what is best for us in academics as well as athletics so going to a four year and getting to a D-1 is really my intention. Afterward, I would really like to get into coaching,” said number four setter/Right side, Cady Delay, about her future plans.

The team, dominating the court on Spirit Night Oct. 7, gave an injection of morale to all Spartans in the stands. MCC Women’s Volleyball gave a show this season that will not soon be forgotten, by friend or foe.

Spartan defense: Photo Jimmy Gutz

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