Clubbing it at MCC

JEREMY MULFORD-Digital Editor in Chief

To feel like we belong is a fundamental human desire. It is especially important to students when they begin to make their way through college.  As we grow intellectually, we need like-minded people for stimuli. MiraCosta College accommodates those needs well. We have 50 clubs, organizations and student run activities for every walk of life. Our Academic and Student Support Programs are some of the best California has to offer.

 Associated Student Government has been part of the college since 1963 and is one of the oldest collegiate governance’s in the state. ASG can be a great place to gain experience if you aspire to work in public office. They operate in the same manner as those who hold public office on the state and federal levels. They hold heated debates on issues that affect our student body, and are as passionate as the folks on Capitol Hill. “For me ASG is about identifying the needs of the students, and addressing them. My biggest goal is to make sure that quality education is accessible. It doesn’t just stop with our students, it goes all the way down K through twelve.” said Isaiah Titus Inter Club Council chair. According to Titus, he would like to see our student government interact with clubs and student government on other college campuses in the district.

 Emerging Leaders Institute, ELI, is a noncredit program for students who are interested in developing their leadership and communication skills. The program emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, ethical decision making, and teaches students how to be active in their community. The program was started by Student Activities Director Jim Gonzales teaching skills that will help students succeed wherever they may go in life. These sessions are held three times a year. “We try to move them around so we can have as many students as possible to attend. I offer van rides if students don’t have transportation, we try to get club leaders, student government.  Anything we can to get a broad scope of people involved,” said Malcolm Heard, interim Specialist of Non-Credit Student Success and Support Programs. According to Heard, they had 27 students who graduated from the ELI program last year. The data that he compiled shows that what their organization says they teach that students are in fact learning. “We know that most students who participate in ELI take 12 or more units and are here for two or more years, which is surprising to most people because we have many nontraditional students. A lot of people are here from clubs and organizations, because people from clubs are the ones who generally participate in other leadership roles.” said Heard.

 “The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club provides LGBTQIA+ students with a safe space to talk about queer issues, meet other people with whom they have commonalities and of course have fun! Our ultimate goals also include increased participation in civic engagement and increased visibility, equity and equality through educating the community,” said Vanessa Reynolds GSA President. The GSA club is one the oldest clubs to be recognized by the college. 

 Inter Club Council mandates policy on all campuses and the charter of student clubs and organizations. Clubs must comply with the Brown act, California Education Code Section 76060, and the Board of Community Colleges. 

 There are over 50 clubs on campus. So get out there Spartans and get involved.

Click the clock tower to view a full list of MCC clubs 


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