Town Hall Meeting opens the conversation

Chariot News Team

Members of faculty and concerned students organized a Town Hall Meeting last Thursday in Aztlan A in response to the issue of sexism, unequal treatment and the objectification of women that has come back to center stage because of scandals in high profile high-profile

Thursday’s Town Hall Meeting was put together by Sean Davis, Associate Faculty Sociology, Anjeanette Oberg, Associate Faculty Psychology, and Alexis Faust, Associate Faculty Anthropology, conceived the town hall meeting to discuss sexism in the political forum. The town hall style meeting opened up a broader conversation, “As many conversions go, it went in a different direction, we started talking about other issues that relate to the topic but weren’t really on point with the content we were addressing in this forum. But it was kind of a great thing because this is about gender, it’s about sexuality, it was about men and masculinity and women and femininity. A lot of people thought it was going to be a political thing,” said Davis of the conversation at the meeting 

 Male members of the student body spoke about breaking the silence on feminine objectification. The microphone was passed around the room for the open forum. Speak up when you hear women being sexualized or put down was a common thread, “Don’t be the man your mom divorced,” said an MCC student in the crowd during crosstalk. The meeting covered the attendee’s definition of what feminism is. It’s not about hating men or being better than men, believe me I love me some men; it’s about equality,” said Oberg, explaining her definition of feminism.  

 During this year’s presidential campaign the sexism issue was addressed again and all other elements associated with it. The forums conversation covered  topics concerning race privilege in the judicial system, sexual related offenses, sexual harassment of women, rape and other sexual violence.  

 Campus Police were in attendance and Aztlan was filled with students, faculty and administration. 

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