Academic Senate to vote on Associate Faculty voting rights

JEREMY MULFORD-Digital Editor in Chief 



On Feb. 3, the Academic Senate will vote a bylaws change that would give all associate faculty a full vote on the senate’s president and vice presidential election. In December, the Academic Senate approved a motion regarding the voting rights of Associate Faculty. The motion was scheduled to be approved on Dec. 16, but was tabled until the Academic Senate convenes this Friday.

“There was a conversation among the senate to change the rules and bylaws to allow associate faculty the right to vote. The discussion started during the fall semester but as the vote got closer this memo started circulating requesting signatures for full-timers who do not support associate faculty to have a full vote on the president and vice president positions,” stated Full-Time faculty member Thao Ha. The opinion is divided; some full-time faculty are siding with the associates, “There was a discussion about giving them a partial vote, but I don’t think they should be counted as partial people,” stated Ha.

According to Professor David Bonds, full-time faculty hold different responsibilities than other faculty. “Maybe I am wrong but both groups have not had proper time to explore this issue. I don’t think anyone was trying to do things underhanded,” stated Bonds. According to Bonds, more people need to get involved in this discussion so that real solutions can be found. “I hope we have bought enough time to explore the issue as new facts emerge,” stated Bonds.

In the Academic Senate, associate faculty can hold a position as senators. There is a coordinating officer that rotates every two years between full-time and associate faculty. Associate faculty can vote for senators but cannot vote for the president and vice president positions at this time.

Currently in the MiraCosta College system, there are more than 600 associate and less than 300 full-time faculty and the college associate faculty are unionized while full time is not.


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