College hires new dean



dilcie_perez_dos20141-2Last semester, MiraCosta College gained a new Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs, Dr. Dilcie Perez.  The position is brand new to the college and prior to this year, the college was among the few institutions in the region without one. Which begs the blunt question, why do we have one now? 

The position oversees student activities, athletics and intramurals, health services, and student discipline. Prior to adding a new dean, student life and judicial affairs were overseen by the Vice President of Student Services. “We want to look at student life in a holistic way,” said Student Services Vice President, Dr. Alketa Wojcik. The addition of a dean creates an opportunity to closely examine every aspect student of life and judicial affairs. The new dean doesn’t just aim at solving judicial affairs, but understand why they arise to begin with. Continue reading “College hires new dean”