Bio 102 takes learning into the environment

JEREMY MULFORD-Digital Editor in Chief 

Last Tuesday, Biology 102, taught by Professor Jenna Castle, took one of its six field trips this semester to the San Diego Botanical Gardens in Encinitas.

The class focused on plant life indigenous to different regions of the world. The Gardens represent  biomes, such as rainforests, mediterranean climates and deserts from both sides of the earth. Bio 102 teaches students about the environment and the effect humans have on it. Biomes from Madagascar to Arizona are within a five-minute walk.

Rainforest canopy

The class turns six of its labs during the semester into an outside learning experience. The field trips are an integral part of the student learning outcomes. The goal is to get up close with nature so students can see, smell and feel the different species of flora and fauna reviewed in the class.

“We are so blessed to have the opportunity to observe the biomes that we learned about in class,” said environmental science major Lauren Rendler.

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