Pro-life group sets up display on campus



The pro-life group set up camp under the clock tower-Photos by Jeremy Mulford 

Last Wednesday, the Center for Bio-ethical Reform set up a presentation under the clock tower to share their Pro-Life perspective with students.

The Center for Bio-ethical reform has to fill out a “Facilities use Agreement” to set up their display on campus. MCC is a public college and under the MiraCosta College Board Policy 3900, the Center for Bio-ethical Reform has the right to be on campus. The graphic images displayed are protected by the First Amendment and protected under board policy 3900.

Campus police set up an alternate route through the campus for students who did not want to see the graphic imagery. Students with opposing viewpoints came out to protest, “They are displaying their beliefs and while I do not agree with their views, I respect their opinion. But that won’t keep me from protesting against them,” said student Luis Camarillo.

Not all students were in disagreement with the pro-life group. “Can you believe that some people are vegans to ‘protest the violence and murder of animals’, yet are fine with abortions which is the killing of babies? It just highlights their philosophical inconsistency and their hypocrisy. ‘My body, my choice’, how about you make your choices before the baby is conceived, not after! A person is a person no matter how small,” stated Jake Miller psychology major.

Students protest the Center for Bio-ethical reform

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