Chemical leak forces evacuation of OC4500



This afternoon just after 1:30 p.m. OC4500 building was evacuated by Oceanside Fire and Police Departments.

“We just has a chemical spill the staff identified as likely phenol,” stated Biological Science Department Chair Julie Haugsness-White.

IMG_9442The source of the spill was unknown, and the Fire Department does not have the proper equipment to detect a phenol spill but were able to discard any fear of explosives. The San Diego HAZMAT Team was called

The building and two courses outside the building were evacuated until safety officials can identify what is leaking and where it is leaking.

“There is no guarantee on when the building will reopen. The Hazmat team has to develop a plan before they can enter the building,” stated Fire Captain Chapman of the Oceanside Fire Department.

According to Cornell University Environmental Health and Safety department, Phenol can cause severe burns that may not be felt immediately.

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