Oklahoma lands on a sweet note

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DSC07008The MCC theatre department is currently presenting Rodgers and Hammerstein’s iconic 1943, musical “Oklahoma directed by Tracy Williams. The musical is based on the Lynn Riggs 1931 play “Green Grow the Lilacs.” “Oklahoma” was conceived by the Theater Guild, a New York City theater company that adapted Riggs’ play to a musical format. Prior to “Oklahoma,” acting and music were only combined in the variety shows. It was Roger and Hammerstein’s first work together and opened to a large success in 1943. The theater department’s production was executed flawlessly and brought the rustic, campy feel of Oklahoma to life for the audience.

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Directing student theater with Eric Bishop

JEREMY MULFORD-Digital Editor in Chief 

The state of the art MCC theater

During a sit down with Eric Bishop, theater department faculty member and director of many campus productions, I got a glimpse at the opposite side of the stage. I got to see the director’s side. The passion runs deeper for a director than one would see from the outside. Sitting in the audience and having that emotion packed scene bring you to tears, you always tend to see the brilliance in the delivery, but a master delivery is what our conversation revolved around on a crisp fall afternoon.  Continue reading “Directing student theater with Eric Bishop”

Stunning performance breathes life into Shakespeare

Oct. 1, 2016-JEREMY MULFORD Digital Editor in Chief


“A plague upon both your houses” Last Friday I attended the opening night of the Theater Department’s production of Shakespeare’s immortal Romeo and Juliet. The production, directed by faculty member Tracy Williams, was a departure from what one thinks when seeing a play written circa 1590s. I found it quite inspiring to see young actors bring the comedy Shakespeare implies in act one, to the modern stage.

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