Academic Senate to vote on Associate Faculty voting rights

JEREMY MULFORD Digital Editor in Chief 


On Feb. 3, the Academic Senate will vote a bylaws change that would give all associate faculty a full vote on the senate’s president and vice presidential election. In December, the Academic Senate approved a motion regarding the voting rights of Associate Faculty. The motion was scheduled to be approved on Dec. 16, but was tabled until the Academic Senate convenes this Friday. Continue reading “Academic Senate to vote on Associate Faculty voting rights”

Directing student theater with Eric Bishop

JEREMY MULFORD Digital Editor in Chief 

During a sit down with Eric Bishop, theater department faculty member and director of many campus productions, I got a glimpse at the opposite side of the stage. I got to see the director’s side. The passion runs deeper for a director than one would see from the outside. Sitting in the audience and having that emotion packed scene bring you to tears, you always tend to see the brilliance in the delivery, but a master delivery is what our conversation revolved around on a crisp fall afternoon.  Continue reading “Directing student theater with Eric Bishop”

My journey back to school

ALICIA SMITH Reporter/Photographer  


I am 51-years-old and a proud Spartan. But I felt like a newborn baby when I first walked on campus. Classes started and my teachers all gave speeches that made me want to walk out of the room. While I listened to them talk, I thought it would be too difficult, especially without books. I even changed my classes online several times in one day.

Continue reading “My journey back to school”