Clubbing it at MCC

JEREMY MULFORD-Digital Editor in Chief

To feel like we belong is a fundamental human desire. It is especially important to students when they begin to make their way through college.  As we grow intellectually, we need like-minded people for stimuli. MiraCosta College accommodates those needs well. We have 50 clubs, organizations and student run activities for every walk of life. Our Academic and Student Support Programs are some of the best California has to offer. Continue reading “Clubbing it at MCC”

Art student makes a splash across the pond

September 22, 2016-JEREMY MULFORD Digital Editor in Chief

Artist Gabby Ledesma

Art inspires truly great things. It can lift us from the depths of hell or cast us down from the heavens. Gabby Ledesma 34, is a special needs art student who has a passion for her craft. Ledesma hails from the Mojave Desert area and is now part of the Disabilities Students Programs and Services (DSPS) here on campus. She came to the North County area to be closer to her mother who is also a student here. Ledesma is not ordinary by any means. She is an International artist who is influenced by modern artist Andy Warhol. Ledesma has installation pieces displayed at the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork County Republic of Ireland.

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Digging into MCC past

Jeremy Mulford Digital Editor in Chief

Photo By Jeremy Mulford

Historically rich traditions are well ingrained in collegiate institutions throughout our nation. Harvard in 1636, Yale in 1701, along with many other colleges around our nation celebrate their rich history through traditions, some as ridiculous as hazing and too many shots of tequila to gothic initiation ceremonies. Through these practices many collegiate societies have found their identity. Like other institutions MiraCosta College has a rich history dating back to 1934. In the beginning it was a small fledgling institution housed in a wing of Oceanside High School. It was named the “OC-JC” (Oceanside Carlsbad Jr. College) and was a vehicle in which local youth could access higher learning without shipping off to a far-away college. Continue reading “Digging into MCC past”