Fall Semester has come to an end

Jeremy Mulford – Digital Editor in Chief

Well Spartans it has been quite a semester. Proposition MM was passed granting the $455 million facilities bond to make improvements on all MCC campuses. Our news team would like to personally thank Jaime Medina and President Juana Reyes for teaming up with Chariot News and using our Prop MM edition to campaign and get the Bond Measure passed for our college. We saw the new (Q) Club room and Student Activities digs come to fruition at summers end. Kitchell Construction pulled that one through right on deadline. Spartan Women’s Volleyball had a stellar season. Their winning streak was broke only after they had made conffrence. But the college was given one hell of a dose of school spirit. Congratulations to the two students Ashley Groves and Emily Rosen who won the Kaiser Nursing Scholarships.  We saw the single most horrendous political campaign since 520 B.C. and hopefully we are all surviving finals. It has been an eventful Fall Semester. Now it is time to go into our winter slumber and get ready for spring madness. To all the great things that I have left out, “Way to go MCC,” Happy Holidays Spartans see you in 2017.

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