A day of remembrance: strengthening the bonds of community

Jeremy Mulford Digital Editor in Chief 

A tree of life has been put in the hallway of the OC3400 building in front of the Social Justice and Equity Center for the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which honors those who have been murdered in the past year due to transphobia.

2015 had one of the highest transgender homicide rates on record. Congress has taken note of this trend and formed a congressional task force on the issue. In that year alone, there were at least 21 documented transgender homicides, however, this number is likely to be underreported and none were prosecuted as hate crimes. As of today’s date, the numbers for 2016 are on par with last year. “Transgender women face 4.3 times the risk of becoming homicide victims than the general population of all women,” said the Human Rights Campaign.

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