Mission Statement

“To provide a vehicle of expression, interest, and awareness for the students and community of MiraCosta College.”  

Chariot History

The earliest edition of the of a publication for the MiraCosta College community can be fullsizerender-66dated back to 1935, printed as a simple four-page newsletter called the O.C. campus it served the Oceanside-Carlsbad Jr.College. For many years, the Chariot was published by students enrolled in MiraCosta College journalism classes, but due to low enrollment, the Journalism Department was dropped from the curriculum. In the early millennium The Chariot was brought back to life when it was brought back as it’s own entity from the college. It was no longer in the curriculum as the Journalism Department. It was brought back to life by a newly hired on Student Media Adviser Jane DeRoche. 

DeRoche fought to bring the Chariot back as it’s own entity independent from the college. Surviving mainly on the Chariots own ad sales and $1 from every student ID the A.S.G. sells, the Chariot remains completely free to publish any content the student staff sees fit,  without influence from administration. 

The Chariot Digital

The Chariot Digital is the online edition of Chariot News. It was brought into its present

Digital Edition

medium by key of Chariot Staff members over the last 5 years and ushered MiraCosta College student news in the modern medium. The focus is getting campus news out as it happens. If it happened 2 p.m. we want our student’s and faculty to access it on their device this evening. Our aim is to stay as current and accurate as possible and make our online news source open to student body input: student opinion pieces, academic essay’s, MCC and local music, students art and photography.  In the Summer of 2016 Chariot history was made when A alumni staff member in Philadelphia sent updates and photos from a Bernie Sanders march during the Democratic National  Convention. The story was received by an editor in the newsroom on campus and was posted on the Chariot Digital within the hour. It is done every day in modern news media but for the Chariot this was a first.


Below clippings from the Chariot predecessor The OC Campus, the 25 year anniversary edition, a preserved issue from 1979 with Blayney tower on the cover and 2017 Chariot Digital Edition.


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