Students use review site for bullying

JOYCE DAVID–Social Media Editor

It’s the beginning of another school year where college students are getting their class schedules together, buying their school supplies, and getting to know their way around campus. A new year, a new school, new classes, and especially new professors. In college, students have the freedom to pick which professor they would like to have as a teacher for the subject of their interest. But the question is: How will students know which professor they want to have as a teacher? Students go on a website called is a website where students write reviews on professors they had before in order for future students to get an idea of what that professor is like. But how accurate are these reviews? There is negative criticism that’s displayed on towards many professors from many former students. Some of our own student body expresses negative criticism towards our very own professors on the website. “[John Doe.] comes across as more of a soccer coach than a professor. When it’s assignment time, he authoritatively shouts the word ‘go’ like a sled of mountain dogs” stated a former student of psychology professor John Doe on May 31, 2014, giving him a 1.0 on overall quality and a 5.0 on difficulty.  “[Jane Doe.] can be very condescending, rude and is a very harsh grader. She could be downright mean and she even made a classmate cry twice on our final. She also doesn’t hesitate to embarrass you in front of class” said a former student of English professor Jane Doe on April 27, 2015, giving her a 1.0 on overall quality and a 5.0 on difficulty.

 It’s very important for students to display the value of respect towards their professors and clearly, students fail to do so as they are writing unfair comments towards their professors on Not only is this type of negative criticism a display of disrespect towards the professors, it’s also a display of cyber bullying. Students need to learn how to respect their professors in the classroom and online. The purpose of college professors’ jobs is to educate their students. Not to be the victims of disrespect and cyber bullying.

 So a few words of advice Spartans think before you act. is designed to be a platform to inform future students about professors’ teaching styles and nothing more. This website is not a social media site like Twitter where you rant about how you feel about someone. So be careful with what you say on because you’ll never know who’s reading your comments on the other side of the screen.

Political Conventions: is there a purpose or is it just a bunch of balloons?

July 26, 2016-ANGEL JIMENEZ Print Editor in Chief

The RNC and DNC are three ring circus events that are no longer needed. Still, it is the hottest ticket in town. The headliner is a name known worldwide. Attendees who got their tickets months in advance will adorn coveted credentials for admission. The venue for the event will take place inside of a sports arena. The event that will assemble thousands of people will be for the Republican and Democratic Conventions.

 If the electoral process has you feeling disappointed that you can’t attend the conventions then don’t. By checking a box on your federal income tax forms titled, Presidential Election Campaign Fund, you contribute $3.00 to the cost of the convention.  Your taxpayer subsidies total approximately $18 million dollars. Each political convention costs an estimated $60 million dollars with funding supported by private contributions from corporations and unions.

 The conventions will span over four days and on the last day the presumptive nominee will accept an official nomination. The finale of the convention will feature approximately 200,000 red, white and blue balloons that will fall from the arena ceiling onto the floor.

 As voting citizens you’ve already contributed to choosing the presumptive nominee for each party during the primary elections earlier this year. It seems like a lot of money for a big production to nominate a presidential candidate for each respective party. Between production costs and facility construction that can rival a concert or Broadway play, it’s time to say that there is not a demanding need for a political convention.




Pokemon Go Falls Flat

JEREMY MULFORD Digital Editor in Chief


“You take your video games too seriously. It’s like you think it’s real life.” This is something every gamer has heard before. Last Tuesday afternoon two men fell off the bluff area around E Street in Encinitas playing the new Nintendo game “Pokémon Go” on their cell phones. The first man fell just after 1 p.m. While being treated, the emergency response teams watched the second man fall off the bluffs about 75 to 100 feet away. It is disturbing to think a game or phone app could distract someone so thoroughly that two men would walk off the same cliff within minutes of one another. It brings to mind a horror film where a man walks straight into a woodchipper, completely aware but unable to stop himself. The men in Encinitas were both taken to Scripps La Jolla Trauma Center by rescue crews with moderate injuries. Continue reading “Pokemon Go Falls Flat”